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9th November 2018

SSC Laser Armistice Remembrance

At 5 o’clock in the morning on the 11th November 1918 on a railway carriage in Northern France the Armistice declaration was signed between Britain, Germany and France. The Armistice took effect at 11am that day.

With 2018 marking the centenary of this event SSC Laser Cutting wanted to remember the sacrifice made by so many in a way that fitted with what we do as a business.

SSC Laser Armistice RemembranceOur memorial is manufactured from Corten mild steel. We chose this material because it weathers forming a ferrous rust coating, however, once the top surface has rusted it will not deteriorate further.

This grade of steel was invented at British Steel Ravenscraig in the late 1960’s. Initially, it was used for manufacturing seagoing containers as they are subjected to seawater penetration. Other applications include nuclear waste containers and probably the most famous example in the UK, The Angel of The North

Our World War 1 Soldier and the 100 Poppies were laser cut on our Bystronic Bystar 10 kW Fiber Laser. It was then folded on our 170 tonne Amada 3000mm Press Brake. The Poppies were then wet painted in Poppy Red leaving the stalks bare metal to allow them to weather and seal.

SSC Laser Armistice Remembrance Memorial | SSC Laser Cutting

We are really proud of our memorial and intend to add a poppy each year that goes by.

Corten steel is being used a lot these days for outdoor artwork, gates, fencing and decorative screens. SSC would like to say a massive thank you to AJ Marshall Special Steels Ltd in York who very kindly donated the 5mm Corten material when they heard what it was going to be used for.


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