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26th January 2016

CEO Tackles Treacherous Arctic for Charity

So after my race through the Sahara Desert in 2014, and then a similar race through the Jungles of Peru in 2015, it seemed like a perfectly logical thing to do in 2016… To enter a 230km race across the Arctic! The ICE ULTRA. An Extreme Footrace through Arctic Sweden.

The Ice Ultra offers an incredible adventure over 230km of some of the most pristine snow covered landscapes in the world. With snow fields, mountains and frozen lakes, the Ice Ultra offers a demanding route in challenging conditions with temperatures dipping down to – 30°C.

The area we race through is a UNESCO World Heritage area so remote that snowmobiles are not even permitted to enter. With the freezing temperatures and various terrains testing competitors’ physical and mental endurance, the Ice Ultra offers an amazing adventure and one of my biggest ultra-marathon challenges! It’s another self-sufficient race. I have to carry everything I need for the week on my back, except for water which will be handed out at check-points every 15-20 km.

With just over two weeks to go until I fly out to take part in the adventure of a lifetime, I have finalised most of my kit and equipment choices, including freeze-dried food, a sleeping bag, safety equipment and a minimum of 1.5 litres of water carrying capacity. I fly out to the North of Sweden on Wednesday 10th February, for a race start on Friday 12th February. The first three days we will be travelling 50km per day, followed by a 70km stretch and then a shorter, yet still gruelling 10km day.

Lightweight choices are critical to stand a chance of getting on the podium at the end of the race. Running in Arctic conditions means extra kit is needed compared to my previous ultra-marathon races. Layers of clothing, gloves, and socks are critical to ensuring I stay warm, don’t freeze to death in my own sweat, and that I keep all of my digits from being frost-bitten off.

Carrying all of this kit and being disciplined about the way I operate during the race and overnight, all contributes to making an already challenging race considerably harder. Four hours of daylight per day will mean many hours running by head torch, and deep snow will be a test for running in snowshoes. Snowshoe running is difficult, and depending on the snow conditions, will be on my feet for between 20% and 80% of the race.

I am paying all my own expenses, and am asking for sponsorship to support my favourite charities. Every single penny that you donate goes to my chosen charities.

To find out how to donate please follow this link to my Virgin Money Giving page:



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