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26th August 2020

How Laser Cutting Aids The Fight Against Covid-19

The world has changed since the outbreak of Covid-19. Terms like “social distancing” have become part and parcel of everyday life. While lockdown in the UK seems to be slowly changing with some restrictions lifted, businesses still have the responsibility to keep their staff and customers safe from the spread.

Even though many of us have been able to return to work and kids will soon be able to return to school, life as we knew it before Covid-19 won’t just resume, the last thing we need is another spike and a second wave. With this in mind, companies all over the world are looking for new ways to keep their staff and customers safe while still trying to operate.

How has laser cutting helped fight Covid-19?

On top of the thousands of bespoke laser cut components and parts that SSC produce every day, the team at SSC were especially proud to aid a leading UK manufacturer just before lockdown was implemented. We were able to laser parts that found their way into a specialist unit which sanitises rooms and ambulances in seconds. With quick turnaround times needed to get this machine to market, laser cutting seemed like the perfect solution to create the induvial parts needed to a high-quality standard. Due to the speed in which we can laser cut components; SSC was able to assist the manufacturer with the production of their unit promptly. With laser cutting, you’re talking days not weeks to complete projects. Parts don’t need specialist tooling; we can input the designs and let our state-of-the-art laser cutters and press brakes do the rest. In an industry with super-fast turnaround times, we are proud to produce parts in such a quick time and do our bit to help the NHS and fight against COVID-19.

SSC has also helped develop a range of products to support businesses in their reopening efforts. In addition to the hard work with our partners in the production and manufacture of sanitising equipment and systems, we have also been instrumental in helping businesses get back to work.

Since the start of August, many public-facing locations have reopened. Gyms, shops, offices, cafes, restaurants, and many more locations have opened their doors to an awaiting public.

With the influx of people and employees, these locations have required some retrofitting with safe screens and separators.  Screens require fixing safely and sturdily. You don’t want a screen falling and injuring an employee or member of the public. SSC was able to help. We have produced tens of thousands of fixings, making sure that each design meets the exact specifications required.

SSC has also launched a range of anti-bacterial hand sanitiser holders and cleaning stations which are bespoke laser cut to fit a wide range of cleaning items. They are durable and easy to clean, meaning all stations will be Covid-19 free. We can produce as many or as little as you need, bespoke to the sizes you need.

The hard work doesn’t stop there. We have also been working with various gym equipment manufacturers, helping them serve the needs of a changing market.
With gyms and fitness centres having to close their doors, many fitness fanatics looking to keep in shape at home and have looked to the market for new ways to keep fit with different equipment. With this change in lifestyle came a shift in approach for equipment manufacturers. Many needed to quickly pivot to produce equipment that is suitable for home use.

Once again, SSC has been able to help with bespoke laser cutting solutions with a super quick turnaround time to help plug the gap in the market. We can cut both flat and tube, meaning you can come to SSC as a one-stop-shop for all your laser cutting needs. There’s no need to move from supplier to supplier for your project, you have everything under one roof, here at SSC. As we are able to handle everything at our Midlands manufacturing facility, you know from start to finish the status of your job and when you’ll expect delivery. When you need a job turning around quickly, it helps to work with a company that can reduce lead times.

As things are in a current state of flux; the team at SSC are perfectly placed to help anyone in any industry with their laser cutting needs. If you think that it cannot be done, contact the team at SSC to discuss your idea – we’re sure we can help!

If you would like to discuss any laser cutting requirements you might have or need to talk to someone about our range of Covid-19 products, please contact us. Don’t worry if you are looking for something a little different; we can tailor and bespoke laser cut to any specification you might have.

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