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25th December 2018

SSC’s Laser Cutting Festive Facts

Over the past 24 days on Twitter, the team at SSC have been sharing some amazing Laser Cutting Festive Facts. We totally understand that over the festive period you might be a little bit busy and haven’t chance to check out our festive facts. Don’t worry, we have collated them all into one.

  1. People think laser cutting is a new technology. Actually, it has been around since the 1950s
  2. Due to the laser cutting process involving heat, it can harden the outer edges of steel, producing a durable and smooth finish
  3. SSC has worked with some of the UK’s leading brands including energy drink giant, Red Bull!
  4. The greatest value of laser tube cutting becomes apparent when you take the laser’s capabilities into consideration during a product’s design stage. Speed, quality, flexibility, and repeatability are benefits that can be used to the designer’s advantage.
  5. SSC Laser gives our clients the power to create exact components and parts that do not conform to traditional shapes. Unlike other cutting methods, laser cutting can produce the same level of quality on every cut!
  6. SSC is proud to have produced steel frameworks for some of the UK’s biggest stadiums including Wembley Stadium, the Olympic Stadium and the Etihad in Manchester
  7. Each of our press brake machines receives daily attention to determine when to perform vital maintenance, making sure we have next to zero downtime
  8. Did you know? SSC Laser is one of the only laser cutting providers who hold the ISO 9001:2015 quality accreditation?
  9. Laser cutting can be as accurate to plus or minus 0.2mm! The team at SSC can work to tighter tolerances if needed.
  10. When using tube laser cutting, components can be redesigned to be cut from one piece, rather than several pieces.
  11. Why use laser cutting? It is probably the most cost-effective and fastest way of producing a clean and accurate profile.
  12. You might have seen some SSC Laser finished components on TV! We have cut parts and components for robots on the hit TV series, Robot Wars!
  13. Automated laser tube cutting machines can run high-volume parts with automatic loading and part unloading, while also being able to cost-effectively cut a low-volume component because of the fast setup and changeover times.
  14. Making a capital investment in setting up laser cutting operations can cost millions of pounds. But partnering with a sub-contractor, like SSC, can make this incredible technology accessible for metal manufacturers all over the country.
  15. Why use a tube laser? A tube laser takes away all the old processes of marking, drilling and sawing box section and offers a more precise and repeatable finished product.
  16. ICYMI – In 2018 our Bristol Manufacturing facility became the only SSC facility to handle the cutting of non-ferrous metals.
  17. Fibre technology has revolutionised laser cutting by raising efficiency, reducing energy consumption and cutting costs. Fibre also makes it possible to cut aluminium, brass and copper without issue.
  18. SSC’s machines run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (with a little time off to enjoy Christmas) meaning we can produce components in days not weeks!
  19. How does laser cutting work? Laser Cutting machines work by firing a laser beam at the material to melt, cut, or vaporise it to form the required shape.
  20. Using state-of-the-art laser scanning systems allows SSC Laser to create exact electronic drawings of your 2D components. We can then use these drawings to immediately produce your components.
  21. Did you know? SSC is able to laser cut up to 60 metres per minute!
  22. SSC’s secondary operations department is ideal to help in the production of individual prototypes or products intended for mass markets. #FestiveFact
  23. SSC has produced laser cut parts for the blockbuster #JamesBond film Casino Royale.
  24. In keeping with yesterday’s James Bond #FestiveFact, the movie #Goldfinger was one of the first films to show a laser being used on the big screen!
  25. No Festive Fact for day 25 – but we would like to take the time to wish all of our customers a very Merry Christmas!

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