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We have both flatbed and tube lasers at SSC laser that enable us to service the Agricultural Machine Manufacturers and support all of their design preferences.

When you combine this with the stocks we hold of carbon steel, high tensile and wear resistant steel, such as Hardox wear plate, Domex, Weldox and Strenx, it means that we are your perfect laser cutting partner.

With 20+ years of experience working with clients within the agriculture sector, we’ll always be perfect for the job. It’s a sector that often requires maintenance or repeats of parts throughout the years as the machines get so much use. Though we are very aware that no two machines are exactly the same, we have got an astounding knowledge base of the type of components which will be necessary.

What is the best type of steel to use within the Agricultural Sector?

We believe that there is no particular steel that is the best material to use in the manufacturing of agricultural machinery. This is because the type of steel required varies on the machinery in question.

There is no standard steel that is more suited for indoor or outdoor use. However, if the component you require is going to be inserted into soil, the material used will require hardening treatment to enhance the durability in outdoor conditions. In many cases, carbide tips will be added to seed drill blades which will prolong their life in the soil.

For subsoil applications, we use Hardox wear plate which is produced by Swedish Steel. This product offers an unparalleled combination of hardness and toughness and is available in a wide range of thicknesses and grades. The hardness levels range from 400 (HBW) to 600 (HBW) and all Hardox products allow for effective laser cutting, welding and forming of components.

What type of machines and parts do we manufacture?

We are heavily involved in agricultural machinery manufacture. We work with companies who manufacture farm trailers, ploughs, cultivators, crop sprayers, tractors, potato harvesters, and slurry spreaders.

For structural applications, high strength steels such as S355 plates and sections are used for durability and their impact resistance properties. We process these products in both flat laser, flat and fold and tube laser components. Generally, mild steel will be painted, powder coated, galvanized or Zinc plated in order to protect it from rusting.

Only non-ferrous steels or aluminium can be left in their natural state without degrading (tarnishing will occur if the products are used, inside or out).

Using Flatbed and Tube Lasers for Design

Flatbed and tube lasers technologies are used widely by our customers within the Agricultural sector and their designs are heavily based around laser cutting on both flat laser, flat and fold, and tube laser components. Rectangular Hollow Section is regularly laser cut on our Adige Tube Laser for companies in this industry.

Some benefits of laser cutting for our customers in this industry are for small batch sizes, prototypes, speed of production and reliability of parts.


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