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A complex industry where dealing with architects and sites mean product design and delivery are of paramount importance. SSC can be the perfect solution for ensuring everything runs smoothly from initial quotation to delivery in the architectural industry. If parts are flat or folded, box section or angle, or if they need secondary operations such as powder coating or anodising, we can accommodate your needs.

Whether your parts are for structural or decorative purposes, our in-house engineering experts will work with your design team and architects to ensure your designs utilise the latest laser cutting technology, to ensure effortless assembly on-site, exactly how you want it. SSC can assist you in manufacturing everything from base plates and end caps, to staircases and perforated cladding.

All methods of laser cutting can be utilised when manufacturing parts for the architecture and construction sectors, and as each component has its own specific set of requirements, the manufacturing process varies for each project.

The flatbed laser is ideal for manufacturing components using sheet metal, such as base plates, top plates, brackets and solar shading bracketry. Often when dealing with sheet metal, press braking is required to fold the materials to the desired shape.

When it comes to manufacturing multiple parts for bigger frameworks and structures, such as balustrades and staircases, we use a combination of tube and flatbed laser cutting, as well as press braking. However, if we’re creating components using materials that are particularly sensitive to heat, for example, perforated cladding, then we would opt for the fibre laser, as less heat is generated during the cutting process.

The materials in which we use when manufacturing architectural parts also depends on the purpose of the component. Stainless steel, copper and brass all have high aesthetic qualities and are therefore suitable for decorative builds. Stainless steel is particularly well-suited for external decorative structures as it does not rust. Aluminium can also be used for decorative structures due to it’s lightweight, malleability and excellent corrosion resistance.

Many modern buildings use aluminium structures on the building’s exterior to create shapes and curves. All materials are coated with a protective finish or powder coat if being utilised for structural parts.

Laser cut components for constructionWith our Adige LT8.10 tube laser machine we are able to work with larger, heavier components that are traditionally hard to handle and produce, meaning we can manufacture components that, traditionally, other suppliers cannot. Due to the increased size range our tube laser can accommodate, we have the capability to produce components from a range of Universal Beam sections. These components can include steel structures for stadiums and sporting venues.

Previous difficulties when producing these components can now be overcome by the means of 3D laser cutting. SSC can now produce complex components whists also ensuring a high-quality cut, accuracy and finish.

Our tube laser machine allows for greater precision when producing components from CAD and due to the active focus feature, we are able to also improve the speed and quality of the cutting process.

Why choose SSC?

SSC are one of the UK’s market leaders in steel services and offer a customer experience that is second to none. All of our services are competitively priced, and we offer a truly national coverage to our customers.  All of our products are CE marked, meaning products meet EU safety, health or environmental requirements.

For any enquiries, please get in touch with us at headquarters in office hours on 01889 270241 or fire across an email to – we’d love to hear from you and discuss your part specifications. We’re confident we’re up for the job – especially with our brand new tube laser!

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