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SSC Laser Cutting are the perfect solution for customers operating within the Marine industry. Where quantities are low, save on expensive machining, jigging and tooling costs and use SSC for fast turnaround and extremely high quality laser cut profiles. We regularly deal with corrosion resistant, high grade Stainless Steel such as Super Duplex, that has been developed for use in highly aggressive conditions such as sea water, so we know what works!

We’ve done quite a bit of laser cutting for the marine industry over the years, producing a range of components to be used at sea.

Other than Super Duplex that we regularly use when producing parts for this sector, we also work with 316 stainless steel as it has improved resistance to pitting corrosion than other grades of steel, 5083 aluminium – with traces of magnesium, manganese and chromium, has high resistance to seawater and industrial chemicals and sometimes even mild steel (though we always ensure it’s marine grade).

The components that we find ourselves laser cutting most frequently are parts for balustrades, buoys, passenger and freight ferries (either mechanical, electrical, or hydraulic), so we’re well equipped to produce components for marine vessels and ships as we’ve had plenty of experience over the years.

Every single project we provide laser cut components for are totally bespoke to each client and will meet your exact requirements. The recent introduction of our new Adige laser has enabled us to improve upon our already impeccable accuracy, as the new scanner feature allows us to create comparisons between 3D images of the tube and the conceptual section, allowing us to account for any minuscule material defects.

A common type of project in the industry requires us to manufacture marine buoys, manufacturing components such as structure frames, antennas and ballast chains, and recently we’ve worked on some exciting projects such as components for remote marine technology that can remove the danger of certain situations – all made in 5083 aluminium.

Previously, we’ve manufactured parts for Sunseeker, who create luxury superyachts. We’ve seen Sunseeker develop their product offering over the years from standard boats to racing boats to the superyachts they offer today, able to accommodate large groups of people. We’ve provided components for these luxury yachts, such as name plates (see below!), anchor covers and stainless steel brackets, meaning that Sunseeker can focus on the demanding task of hand finishing their boats.

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We’d love to hear from you if you have any projects you’re looking for assistance with. Send us an email at, give us a call at HQ on 01889 270241 or give your local sales manager a call.




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