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SSC Laser Cutting is the perfect laser cutting sub-contractor for clients operating in the manufacturing of components and parts for the pharmaceutical industry. Producing components for the pharmaceutical industry requires precision and efficiency, something SSC Laser can delivery every time on every project.

The team at SSC Laser Cutting have nearly 20 years of experience in producing and laser cutting a wide range of components for the pharmaceutical industry in a variety of metals. We have the capabilities to cut complex designs to a high standard every time. Utilising the most up-to-date technology SSC Laser guarantee that the last component will be cut to the same standard as the first.

At SSC Laser Cutting we know all too well the strict regulations and standards that the pharmaceutical industry demands from manufacturers. This is why every single component at SSC Laser Cutting is rigorously checked before being approved for dispatch. SSC Laser Cutting has the experience, knowledge and understanding when producing components to meet the precise quality requirements of the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector.

Bespoke Laser Cut Designs

If the products and components you manufacture for the pharmaceutical industry are made to a bespoke design, you can be assured that the team at SSC Laser Cutting can deliver. Armed with the newest, innovative software and a team of qualified CAD/CAM operators, SSC Laser Cutting can produce laser cut components to any design and specification.

As our manufacturing facilities run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week meaning we can produce components for the pharmaceutical industry with much quicker turnaround times. If you need a component in days, not months, then SSC Laser Cutting can deliver.

Zero Cross-Contamination

SSC Laser Cutting is one of the only laser cutting specialists in the UK to run a facility that is purely dedicated to the cutting of non-ferrous metals. At this new facility, we can guarantee that there will be zero cross-contamination between metals during the laser cutting process.

In an industry where cross-contamination needs to be minimised at the product level, our pharmaceutical manufacturing clients can be assured that every component will be free from any cross-contamination at the manufacturing stage, which will lead to a far superior product overall.

The pharmaceutical manufacturing industry is built on precision and efficiency, make sure you partner with a laser cutting provider who has a rich history in delivering cost-effective, quality solutions.

If you are looking for a laser cutting sub-contractor to supply laser cut components to the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector, contact the team at SSC Laser today or find your local SSC Sales team here.

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