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Street Furniture

Whether your parts are for decorative purposes or for security reasons, one-offs or large batches, SSC Laser Cutting has the technical know-how and the machinery to accommodate any of your Laser Cutting requirements. Stocking most major grades of mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium, we can ensure industry-leading lead times and should your parts require that extra finishing touch, such as post polishing or powder coating, we can also sort this for you – just ask…

In terms of materials, there are no special requirements as such. We stock most grades of mild and stainless steel and aluminium and are capable of producing high quality and accurate components for you in any material. However, the most common requests that we receive from this industry are for pieces in cold reduced steel (CR4), since the quality and appearance of the steel is an important factor in the quality of the finished product. When compared with alternative solutions such as hot rolled mild steel, CR4 also has superior folding consistency due to tighter tolerances, making it the perfect material for the job.

We’ve most recently produced components for street furniture such as bollards, bike racks and litter bins.


Laser Cutting Street Furniture

Corsham Town Council commissioned one of our customers to provide components for a number of new bins to be installed around the town in an effort clean up!

SSC produced the main body of the bins, which were completed with flatbed laser cutting so that we could achieve full accuracy, meaning an easier job for those assembling all components.

Once we had finished all of our flatbed laser cutting and produced a ‘net’, it was time to manoeuvre the material so that it met all the correct dimensions, angles and required specifications.

We achieved this through press braking, on one of our 3 press braking machines that allow us to bend sheet metals. As our finest press is a 170 tonne, 7 axis machine, it is astonishingly capable of performing complex folds in rapid time frames.

Street Furniture Laser Cutting
Along with the selection of bins we’ve produced parts for, we’ve also provided laser cut components for an array of customers within the Street Furniture industry using our flatbed lasers, press brakes and tube laser technology for their products such as cycle stands and racks, bollards, benches and trolley bays.


Our Adige LT8.10, allows us to take on projects that competitors may have to turn away. The machine has a 40KG/m weight  limit, and can cut box section up to 200x200mm and circular sections up to 240mm in diameter.


Adige Laser Cutter


For any enquiries, please get in touch with us at our headquarters in office hours on 01889 270241 or fire across an email to – we’d love to hear from you and discuss your part specifications. We’re confident we’re up for the job – especially with our brand new tube laser! The Bystronic ByTube Star 130 Fiber allows us to cut aluminium, brass and copper sections as well as the traditional mild and stainless steel.

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