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2nd March 2020

Interesting Facts About Laser Cutting

At SSC Laser, we are surrounded by laser cutting and steel services every single day and work with a wide range of customers, delivering bespoke laser cut parts and components UK wide. As one of the UK’s leaders in laser cutting, we know our stuff, we need to in order to produce bespoke laser cut components and parts for our clients around the country.

However, we understand that not everyone knows what laser cutting is, how it works, or how it can aid your business and products.

With this in mind, we have collated a few interesting facts about to get you up to speed.

Laser Cutting History

You might think that laser cutting is a relatively new technology. People would associate the word “laser” with science fiction films of the ’70s and ’80s, but actually, laser cutting has been around since the 1950s. Einstein actually had a hand in the invention of lasers from his theory of stimulated emissions.
Like a fine wine that gets better with age, so does laser cutting technology. The manufacturing method developed into the cutting-edge process we know and love today with the introduction of computerised systems to further aid the production of intricate parts and components. So as technology advanced and our customers’ requirements advanced, so did we. Over the past 20 years, SSC Laser has grown into one of the UK’s leading laser cutting sub-contractors, with its own rich history.

Fun historical fact – the word “laser” is an acronym. It stands for Light Amplification By Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Prior to laser, “maser” was used which stood for Microwave Amplification By Stimulated Emission of Radiation.  Also, did you know that the most powerful laser is 1.25 Petawatts – one quadrillion watts!?

Laser Cutting Applications

At SSC Laser we laser cut metal, but lasers can be used to cut a full range of different materials including  wood, fabrics, acrylic and plastics. So, depending on the item you are looking to laser cut, there should be a solution out there for you. With the advent of fiber laser technology, we are now able to cut metals with a high reflective nature like copper and brass, two materials that previously proved difficult to cut with a CO2 laser.

SSC Laser is well-positioned in the market to offer a full range of laser cutting covering flat, tube in ferrous and non-ferrous metals at one of our cutting-edge manufacturing facilities in Stafford and Derby.

No Limitations

We work with some of the UK’s biggest engineering and manufacturing companies, including leading building contractors, original equipment manufacturers and architects. But you might not know that laser cutting is used in everyday applications that you might not have even thought about. From parts in your computer, to beautifully laser cut panels for gates that you walk past outside your local school or college, to critical safety components for the rail and transport sector. Laser cut components and parts can be found everywhere!

No Design, No Worries

The capabilities of cutting-edge technology at SSC Laser are endless. You might have an idea or a design but have zero idea on how to get it created. Laser cutting can come to the rescue, especially at SSC Laser! Our expert team can help create any design and bring it to life, utilising our state-of-the-art machines.

Speedy Service

Unlike other manufacturing methods that require tooling and the like, laser cutting is superfast! Once the design has been inputted into the software, the process can begin with the click of a button. No need to stop and start to re-tool, just sit back and watch the laser cutter do its job perfectly. Laser cutting is a proven manufacturing method for companies who need their components in days, not weeks.


We get it; you might think that using a laser beam to cut material doesn’t sound very safe. Well, it is. Any harmful fumes are enclosed in the chamber and are ventilated safely away from any operators. There are also various machine fail-safes in place to counteract any safety issues that could occur. Laser cutting takes the manufacturing process away from doing things by hand, so the possibility of any accidents with tools is removed from the equation. The machines we use at SSC Laser are built with safeguards in place to protect our staff. We have light guards in place, so if someone does walk through, the machine stops immediately. Also, all of our fiber lasers are fitted with specialist glass to protect users’ eyes. At SSC Laser we take safety seriously and make sure that the stringent of safeguards are in place.

Did you know? Laser safety is measured by class; Class 1 to Class 4. Class 4 is identified as the most dangerous, including the lasers we utilise at SSC Laser.

To discuss any laser cutting requirements you might have, contact SSC today to see how we can be of assistance or drop us a message on our Live Chat feature below.

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