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9th January 2020

Laser Cutting For The Retail and Hospitality Industry

When you think about flat or tube laser cutting and profiling of steel, you might think that bespoke, quality laser cut components and parts are produced solely for the engineering, manufacturing and fabrication sectors.

As mentioned in one of our previous blogs, laser cutting and laser cut parts are all around us. You wouldn’t think that laser cutting is used in everyday life and can be found in some of the most well-known high street retailers up and down the country. Many of the signs, racks, displays, panels, even beer pumps and parts you see today have been laser cut at SSC Laser.

Fast Service

The retail and hospitality industries have very tight deadlines and turnaround times. New retail units or pubs need to be fitted for use very quickly meaning shopfitters have a tiny window to turn an old unit into a new one. Some new retail stores go from a shell to a fully open store within 10 weeks and so to coin an old adage, time is money. The longer a unit is closed means there is a loss in revenue while a shop is being fitted or a pub or restaurant is undertaking a refit. Laser cutting can help drastically reduce the time constraints on shopfitters and interior designers.

Laser cutting is fast. Utilising laser cutting can help produce parts and components in days not weeks. Parts can be delivered to shop fitters who take them straight to the store to fit. They know that they will be identical to the CAD programme and so will fit with no problem, speeding up all assembly processes. These components and parts are cut to the same standard as each other, perfect for shops that require the same display or cut panels over many locations. Due to the precision of our laser cutters, we have the capability to cut each and every single part to the exact same standards and dimensions. This means that part number 1 will be exactly the same as part number 1000, perfect for customers that require mass-produced components that need to conform to each other. Once the design has been approved and uploaded to our CNC laser cutting machines and the button is pressed, components and parts are produced to the exact specification required. There is no need for tooling and jigging for every component cut, meaning the team at SSC Laser can vastly improve turnaround times and then assembly times for the client.

Looks Good & Lasts

There is something beautiful about a stunning aesthetically pleasing brushed stainless-steel display in a retail environment. Signage can be laser cut to a very high level of precision, giving designers a high level of creative control when creating ideas for the retail sector.

Using Laser Cutting For Decorative Panels | SSC Laser Cutting

Depending on the location of the panels, signs or parts laser cut for the retail sector, you will also find that metal has a better shelf life. Unlike wood, it won’t rot, and unlike plastic, it isn’t easy to snap or break. Depending on the metal you utilise, for example, if you are building outdoor pieces of artwork for display then Corten Steel is the perfect solution as it will regenerate over time in the elements – helping protect the laser cut part from the weather. If you are looking for a stylish interior look, then stainless steel and aluminium can highlight an interior design in a way other materials cannot. Utilising stainless steel or aluminium for interior fixings can also add a little bit of extra flair to your design. We have manufactured stunning interior signs, bespoke bathroom taps and even beer pumps!

Laser Cutting Flexibility

Utilising laser cutting for any project, not just the retail sector, opens up a world of flexibility. There are virtually no limits on what can be laser cut and what the team at SSC Laser can produce. Whether it be flat laser cutting for signs and displays or laser and fold for display type stands for products, we have the skills and experience to create bespoke laser cut parts and components to any specifications. As mentioned earlier, we have laser cut interior parts including beer pumps for Birra Morretti and taps for Dyson. These were manufactured utilising cutting edge tube laser technology. If you have seen a Birra Morretti beer pump, you will notice the brand name cut out in stainless steel. These pumps are easily recognisable and have been produced by utilising tube laser cutting.

Laser Cutting For The Retail and Hospitality Industry

Tube laser cutting technology allowed Dyson to design their parts in a unique way that allowed parts to be cut and shaped so that they mate perfectly together, allowing not just preciseness and repeatability, but also majorly reduced manufacturing and assembly time due to the operations needed to manufacture the past being reduced.  Tube laser technology meant that there was no milling, no sawing, no drilling and no jigging needed. Just a perfect set of laser cut parts that were produced  in a way that they fit together like a jigsaw.

Laser Cutting For The Retail and Hospitality Industry

To learn more about tube laser cutting, view our whitepaper today.

While we can cut just about any design to specification, we can also laser cut on a wide range of metals including mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass and zinc. With the introduction of fiber laser cutting technologies, we are also able to cut reflective metals such as copper and brass without any issues. Depending on your specific requirements, we can laser cut any metal, to any design, to any size.

It doesn’t matter if you are working on refitting one retail unit or one hundred, the team at SSC Laser can work with you to produce the laser cut components, signs or parts you need and deliver fast and on time. The possibilities are endless.

To discuss your needs with one of the team you can contact us today or send an email to Alternatively, you can call one of the sales team on 01889 270241 or chat with us via our Live Chat system today.

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