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Fiber Tube Laser Cutting

With the Fiber ByTube Star 130 technology, we can now offer tube laser cutting services on reflective materials such as:

What are the benefits of the ByTube Star 130?

The Fiber technology allows us to cut these reflective materials, which has previously not been possible. This opens up our tube laser cutting services to new markets and industries that use these reflective materials. The Fiber Technology brings with it an increase in cutting speed, making us more competitive with parts taking less time to process.

The additional Tube Laser gives us the flexibility to service our customers with shorter, more consistent lead times. With both the Adige LT8.1 and the Bystronic Fiber ByTube Star 130 we have the ability to cut from 10mm OD with the ByTube and up to 240mm OD on the Adige giving us a huge range in our capability between the two lasers allowing us to offer more to our customers.

ByTube Star 130 – your Ultimate Solution for tube processing


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