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Flat and Tube Lasers

SSC’s on-site flatbed and tube laser machines are available to ensure you are guaranteed of a full-service offering as needed. Some complex projects require on-site laser cutting of both flat and tubular components and parts when time constraints are tight. This is when you need to come to SSC for elite on-site flatbed laser cutting and tube laser cutting.

On-site Production

To deliver the most complete service possible, SSC is fit to provide on-site services all under one roof at our Hangar 5 HQ. Unlike the majority of other laser cutting sub-contractors, SSC has both flatbed laser cutting machines and tube laser cutting machinery on-site, allowing our customers to single source and use just one supplier to complete multiple disciplines. This unique service enables our clients to tap into our expert knowledge and make immediate design alterations before producing new components. Quite often, this entire process takes place in a single day.

Flatbed and tube cutting will also enable you to test multiple fabricating solutions, given that we have flatbed lasers and press brakes, alongside our tube laser, where we can produce parts in the form of angle, box, round and circular hollow section, irregular sections and channel. An example of this is where many customers have both flat and tube parts from SSC and use tab and slot production methods to link their parts together in the assembly process speeding up that ever important manufacturing time. Less phone calls, less paperwork, less time and less stress. Let SSC help YOU!

Whether you are cutting Mild Steel or Stainless Steel, Flat or Tube, use SSC Laser – our expertise in all areas of laser cutting will only help speed up your project.

Flatbed Laser Cutting

You can have access to a variety of state-of-the-art on-site laser cutting machines that will allow for the production of parts made from flat sheets of metal, letting you choose from stainless steel, mild steel, aluminium, copper and brass. To help you pick the right option, our on-site experts can discuss your requirements before telling you about the characteristics of the material.

The span of possibilities will enable you to produce multiple types of component and to varying levels of complexity. You might only require basic shapes, but our on-site flatbed lasers are capable of cutting the most intricate of patterns within the shortest of timeframes. We operate with Bystronic, 6kw CO2 machines, through to brand new 10kW and 12kW Bystronic Fiber lasers.

Tube Laser Cutting

Metals can easily be cut on-site to a variety of shapes, covering tube, box, angle, channel and even irregular sections that are unique for your project. Before ordering from SSC, our specialists will analyse your requirements to determine the ideal laser machine and materials that your project will need. On-site, it will be possible to experiment with fresh ideas, but it still helps to prepare carefully ahead of time.

SSC can offer you precise, sub-contract services for a wide range of industries. By utilising our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, we offer a competitive and cost-effective cutting solution for all your tube, box and hollow section cutting requirements.

Compared to conventional processes such as sawing, drilling and milling, using our tube laser will save you time, money and reduce lines on your bill of materials. SSC can modernise designs from traditional methods and cut complex shapes such as mitre cut, cod mouths, tabs and slots.

To speed up your production time, talk to SSC to discover exactly how our flatbed and tube lasers can benefit your business.

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