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Laser Cutting and Profiling – Tube / Box Section / Angle / Channel

By working with SSC Laser Cutting, you will have access to a laser cutting service that combines ground-breaking machinery with elite craftsmanship – all to give you superior results. Contracting your unique requirements to the laser cutting specialists of SSC will ensure that you get to work to a clear budget and function with absolute certainty.

How we deliver this service

Laser Profiling for Tube and Box Sections

Seeing our LT8.10 Tube Laser Cutter in action is a marvel to behold. Golden sparks cascade from the laser as it jumps around the metal with dazzling precision. Cutting box section or round tube are just two of the core functions that the laser cutter can perform – there is so much that it can do.

Armed with the ideal design, the laser can be programmed to cut in extremely complex patterns. The multi-axis 3d tube laser give us the freedom to instruct the laser to cut in a straight line before jumping to cut out precise circles immediately after, before parting the bar off on an angle to create a weld prep.  You will be astonished by the possibilities of laser profiling.

The sheer diversity of SSC’s tube laser lets us cut all types of section, including circular, box, channel, angle, flat and irregular sections. You can laser tube cut up to 219mm in diameter. Square box sections can then be cut up to 200mm, while it is possible to manufacture parts up to 8.5m in length. Profiling materials include mild steel and stainless steel.

We have added to our Tube Laser Cutting armoury with our Bystronic ByTube 130 Fiber Tube Laser, which has increased our capacity and opened up additional materials that can now be tube laser cut. Reflective materials, such as Aluminium, Brass and Copper can now be tube laser cut at SSC! Click below to find out more about our Fiber Tube laser and what it can do!


Design Free from Limitations

Here at SSC, we give our clients the power to create exact products that do not conform to traditional shapes. The ability to switch from cutting flat parts to complex tube or box section is what distinguishes our laser cutting capabilities from the vast majority of the industry.

Cutting circles and contours with complete accuracy is only possible when you have a state-of-the-art laser cutting machine. If you have precise specifications for your product or component then you should never leave the exactness to chance. Not when you can work with SSC to get a final product that actually measures up to the promise of the design.

SSC only deals in client satisfaction. From investing in the best laser cutting technology to training elite specialists, everything is done to give you exactly what you need. You can even place your orders in small or large batches, letting you design free from limitation.


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