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Flatbed Laser Cutting and Laser Profiling

Large sheets of flat metal can be cut with remarkable precision and in astonishing turnaround times. SSC’s state-of-the-art laser cutters jump effortlessly around metal sheets, cutting holes that adhere to a programmed design. The end result is a creation that will deliver to your exact specifications.

Laser Profiling for Your Needs

SSC exists to fulfil your needs – not the other way round. You can challenge us with any of your laser cutting requirements in the field of flatbed metals. Designs do not have to be simplistic. You can come to SSC for complex patterns of circles and holes and have complete confidence that we will deliver an end product that exactly measures up to the requirements of your design.

You will find that our new 12kW,and two 10kW Fiber lasers are extremely efficient for cutting different types of metal sheets. The sheer speed and accuracy of our laser cutting machines will ensure that your laser profiling needs are met rapidly when cutting flat sheets of metal. SSC Laser can guarantee you not only a swift turnaround time, but also value at every level of our service.

An Advanced Laser Cutting System

SSC’s advanced flatbed laser cutting systems can handle large plates up to dimensions of 3000mm long, 1500mm wide and 30mm thick for mild steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminium.

Our state of the art 12kW and 10kW Bystronic ByStar Fiber lasers are Swiss built machines and watching them is a site to behold. They are lightening quick over thin gauge material and cut Mild steel up to and including 10mm with Nitrogen, so no more Oxidised edges, and can laser cut up to 30mm thick. Another advantage the Fiber laser brings you is it also has the ability to cut up to 30mm Stainless Steel and 30mm Aluminium, along with having the ability to cut highly reflective materials such as Copper and Brass.

A ByAutonom laser cutting system makes it possible to cut 10 holes per second on thinner gauge material like 2mm mild steel.

The advanced design of our ByAutonom laser cutter comes with state-of-the-art features to ensure that components are processed accurately and consistently. Regular collection of performance data enables SSC’s operators to consistently check the condition of the laser cutting machine and allows us to perform vital maintenance duties before problems arise. Lesser machines simply cannot match the performance or reliability of our machinery.

Depending on the ultimate purpose, every design will have an optimum material. Here at SSC Laser Cutting, mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium are three of the most common. Ahead of crafting your design, it will be possible to plan with our expert team to determine the perfect material.

This collaborative process will enable you to call on the experience of laser cutting specialists who have created a multitude of flatbed components over the years. SSC is the unrivalled choice for UK-based laser profiling projects. Tell us about yours today.

Laser profiling is also commonly known as laser cutting. You can learn more about the specific terminology here.

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