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Laser Scanning

A state-of-the-art laser scanning system gives us the power to create exact electronic drawings of your 2D parts or components. Your drawings can be used for immediate production of the components or stored for future reference when spares are required.

Laser scanning also has a role to play in terms of reverse engineering, given how we can compare the cut component to your original design for stringent quality control. Either way, your laser scanning requirements will be successfully met by the meticulous specialists at SSC Laser Cutting.

Laser Scanning of Specialist Components

Throughout the various industries that depend on precision engineering, the loss of component designs is an issue that can impact many businesses. In the absence of an exact design, it can make it impossible to craft replacement parts or components in the event of machinery breaking down. An inability to function is something that no business can tolerate, as every hour lost is going to hurt your bottom line.

SSC Laser Cutting understands just how important it can be to have a contingency plan, given the millions invested in our own facilities, equipment and staff. This is why we provide a laser scanning service to scan 2D components and create flawless designs that will allow for the exact production of your parts or components. This can be for replacements or for physical prototypes that you provide us.

Understanding the Process

Reverse engineering is one of the most commonly requested areas from our laser scanning service. Being able to call upon a laser scanning specialist who has the physical machinery and technical expertise to accurately reverse engineer complex parts is incredibly tough. SSC has invested in those areas to help clients with whatever needs might arise.

Using our highly advanced laser scanner, it is possible to turn flat components or parts into DXF or DWG files within mere seconds. The ability to reverse engineer with such precision and speed is only possible when you work with a market-leader like SSC.

Scanning Parts for Inspection

SSC Laser Cutting also specialises in using laser scanning technology to perform inspections of specialised parts and components. Given their specific designs, it is critical that regular inspections are performed to ensure that your equipment functions to its maximum efficiency. SSC’s laser scanning service will make that happen.

The process is one that will work by comparing laser-cut parts with original DXF or DWG designs files to scan for wear or damage. Ahead of an inspection, it will be possible for us to recreate the original designs, as accurately as possible, to allow for quality control.

Just one faulty part can halt the critical machinery on which your business depends. SSC Laser Cutting can help your business minimise or even avoid downtime.

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