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Press Braking

SSC’s in-house press brake service is comprised of five highly efficient CNC press brake machines, including one 7 axis 170-tonne, one 130-tonne, one 80-tonne press brake. Press braking is an extremely useful production technique that has wide-ranging applications for various industries, from architectural and construction to engineering and transport.

Complex Press Brake Folding

A press brake allows for the bending of sheet metals. At SSC, our finest press is a 7-axis machine that is capable of performing complex folds within rapid time-frames, but also have the amazing flexibility of the other two press brakes to ensure we can meet the requirements of our customers. We meticulously analyse your technical design to ensure that your final product measures up to your requirements.

In the absence of an existing drawing, it is possible for you to work with our team to produce CAM or CAD designs that will prove to be compatible with our press brake. Where needed, we will make adjustments that will result in success. To deliver anything less than success is not in our makeup.

From the moment you first turn on press brake machines, they require daily maintenance checks or else they are not going to create world-class parts. Each of our press brakes will receive daily attention to determine when to perform vital maintenance duties within our production schedule.


Press braking is at its most effective when you have planned to excel at every stage of the process. Having one of the world’s foremost press brakes is certainly an excellent advantage, but your final product will not reach its highest potential quality without the expertise of an operator who receives regular training.

Here at SSC Laser Cutting, each and every member of our staff is held to the highest standards. On-going performance reviews allow for us to monitor progress and assign training when required. Implementing such a meticulous approach has enabled SSC to establish a position at the forefront of the UK’s precision engineering and fabrication industries.

SSC excels for design, machinery, operators and tooling, giving you the complete service. With the help of SSC, you can cut out unnecessary suppliers from your budget to save your business money and also increase the speed of delivery.

To find out more about press braking services and the benefits, please read our recent blog here.

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