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Secondary Manufacturing Operations

Our highly-skilled team enables us to offer a fully-supported secondary operations service that includes press brakes, machining, welding, powder coating, galvanising and Bright Zinc Plating. After we have produced components using our press braking or laser cutting services, secondary operations can then be contracted for producing your final product. Here at SSC Laser, we can assist at any level of production, from prototypes to mass-market parts.

How Our Secondary Operations Can Help

Our secondary operations are ideal for supporting our core production service – we are able to fully assist your project by press braking, machining, welding, jigging, powder coating, galvanising and bright zinc plating.

In many cases, SSC undertakes laser cutting or press braking to create parts in the finished state. That being said, the needs of every client will differ. Often, it is the case where our clients require additional support to complete their unique project – we can alleviate the stress by taking care of this element. We believe that introducing an additional contractor to your production process will only increase costs and extend the delivery time.

Our precision engineering team is skilled to perform an array of supportive tasks to ensure that your product is created to a superior standard. When crafting parts for machines, for example, it is vital that the greatest level of attention and expertise is devoted to their production.

 A desirable benefit of secondary operations include;

Available Secondary Options

Clients can enlist our help in the production of individual prototypes or products intended for mass markets. From the start of the manufacturing process to completion, there are many different ways that we can help transform ideas into tangible products of the highest quality.

Assembly is an ideal option for creating a single product from multiple parts and components, with galvanising and bright zinc plating available to add distinctive finishing.

Get in touch now with any support request related to laser cutting services. We will find a way to increase the efficiency of your production and lower your costs.

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