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17th December 2018

Laser Cutting for Sheet Metal Fabrication

Using laser cutting from SSC Laser is one of the most effective and economical methods for cutting sheet metal into complex designs and shapes. It is always important to consider the capabilities and drawbacks of using different cutting methods for different projects, however, using laser cutting for sheet metal is the best solution for a lot of projects, industries and manufacturers.


Compared to other cutting methods, laser cutting is very cost effective, perfect for projects and components that are being produced on a tight budget. When you think of laser cutting being “cost effective” you might think that the quality will be poor and “cheap”. Not at SSC. We produce our components to the highest of manufacturing standards across all of our manufacturing facilities UK wide. Laser cutting becomes cost effective due to the automation of the cutting process – once the design has been programmed, we can set the machines running with very little operation needed. Due to the automation and efficiencies gained SSC Laser is able to produce your parts quicker ultimately saving you time and money, offering a much more attractive cost proposition.


If your sheet metal fabrication project has tight deadlines then laser cutting is the perfect solution. SSC’s laser cutting machines can cut through sheet metal very quickly. Exact speeds can depend on the material but we have been able to clock one of our machines at 60 metres per minute. Combined with the knowledge that our machines will run 24/7, you can rest happy, knowing your project can be turned around much quicker than other cutting methods.


We mentioned above in cost, our manufacturing process is fully automated, with a click of a switch your designs will be being fabricated on one of our top of the range laser cutters. A huge benefit of using an automated method like laser cutting is the automation, it takes human error out of the manufacturing process meaning your components will have fewer and in a lot of cases, no defects.


If you have a design with intricate shapes and cuts the last thing you want to do it use a cutting method that won’t give you the same design every time from the first cut to the millionth. Laser cutting is the best choice for creating intricate cuts and shapes on sheet metal, they are able to create smooth and clean shapes that other cutting methods simply can’t.


One of the main advantages sheet metal and fabrication companies get when working with SSC Laser is the flexibility and support we can provide due to our experience and the technology we have invested in. We can cut a variety of metals, ferrous and non-ferrous, ranging from 0.9mm up to 40mm. We also fold components so clients can receive parts ready to assemble improving their manufacturing costs and time. In addition to this, as we know the complexities of some fabrication projects SSC also offer the tube laser cutting service meaning we really are the ultimate one-stop shop.

To discuss your laser cutting needs with one of the SSC Laser team, contact us today on 01889 270241 or email us at Alternatively to find you nearest SSC manufacturing facility click here. We look forward to hearing from you.

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