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SSC Laser

Laser Cutting

Flatbed and Tube Laser Cutting

SSC Laser has cutting-edge systems that can perform both complex flatbed laser cutting and tube laser cutting. This two-pronged commitment to laser cutting ensures elite manufacturing standards are consistently maintained and makes SSC the perfect laser cutting job shop. Look no further than SSC’s expert designers and operators for precise and accurate results.

Flatbed Laser Cutting

A highly-advanced laser cutting system allows our expert operators to cut sheets of metal to an array of specifications. The 6kW Bystronic ByAutonom Laser can jump seamlessly over metal sheets to cut the exact lines and holes dictated by your design, and we’re continually improving, investing in the 10kW Bystronic ByStar Fiber Laser to increase our capabilities.

All of the specifications will be confirmed and signed off before any work begins. Before entering the manufacturing stage, you will collaborate with our designers and decide on which metal is the most suitable. Amongst your possible options are aluminium, mild steel and stainless steel.

Once we’ve received your request for quotation and all supporting information such as technical drawings (in either PDF, .dxf, .dwg and .ncw file formats), the desired material and quantities, the sales estimator (along with the CAD engineer if necessary) will discuss the best options for you and be in touch with a quote and confirmation. Finally, the ball gets rolling, and the project is sent to the CAD team and production team – the last quality check, and then we’ll send them in our SSC delivery van.

Regarding size, SSC can undertake profiling work on metal sheets measuring 3000mm x 1500m and with a 25mm thickness. For greater precision, our laser cutter cam now nitrogen cut mild steel up to 5.4 times faster than Co2 technology. This increases speed, eliminates oxidised edges that an oxygen cutter produces, which eliminates the need to remove the edges before the component is powder coated or painted. We’re able to cut up to 60 metres per minute, and in addition to mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium, we can now cut brass and copper too!

Tube Laser Cutting

SSC can perform even more complex laser cutting than just flat sheet steel. Metal sheets provide a flatter and more unadorned surface to cut, but SSC has more specialised lasers that can cut an array of different sections, including angle, box, channel, circular, flat and irregular.

At SSC, we use a state-of-the-art Adige LT.8 tube laser cutter that will astonish you. While in action, it’s incredible to see the LT8 shift between cutting lines and cutting tiny holes in a split-second. This enables SSC to complete tube cutting work with short lead-times and precise deadlines.

Working with SSC will open up many new possibilities for your needs. You have so many options thanks to our laser’s ability to profile metal up to 240mm in diameter (or 200mm square), while the total length can go to 8.5m. Feel free to discuss any queries you have about specifications and use benefits of speed, quality, flexibility and reliability to your advantage.

We continuously invest in the best laser cutting technology, such as the Adige Tube Laser Cutting Machine, and the Bystronic Bystar 10kW Flatbed Laser Fiber Cutting Machine, which is opening up new opportunities for SSC Laser and our clients alike, broadening SSC’s Laser Cutting abilities.

Performance Data

There is yet another reason why should entrust SSC with your laser cutting needs. Quite simply, this is our attention to detail that is fuelled by our approach of constantly collecting performance data from our laser cutting machines.

By gathering performance data, SSC operators can use this to prevent even minor issues from arising. This is done by performing frequent maintenance to ensure our profilers are in perfect condition.

From elite systems to our meticulous attention to detail, SSC Laser will exceed your expectations and prove why we are the UK’s #1 choice. Contact us today with details of your next project – we can be contacted in the West Midlands, Scotland, Kent, Birmingham, Essex, East Midlands, Manchester and Bristol, so get in touch!