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SSC Laser
14th February 2019

Why We LOVE Laser Cutting!

We might be a little biased as we are one of the UK’s leading supplier of laser cutting and steel manufacturing services, but at SSC Laser we really LOVE laser cutting! Why do we love laser cutting so much? Well seeing as it is Valentine’s Day, we thought we would highlight the main reasons we really love it so much.

Laser Cutting Is Fast

It’s not just the UK’s florists that are able to meet quick deadlines, the team at SSC Laser are armed with the most up-to-date laser cutting technology and MRP quoting system that aids them in producing laser cut components in days, not weeks. Coupled with our two manufacturing facilities up in the UK, that run 24 hours a day, we are able to create components and parts in record speeds.


Laser cutting is similar to the perfect Valentine’s present – the end product needs to be astonishing. Due to the state-of-the-art laser cutting machines we use, every cut part is precisely the same, from the first part manufactured to the millionth. Customers can be confident that laser cutting is the best option for the manufacture of complex parts and components.


Unlike some presents that will be given today, laser cutting is a very cost-effective solution for the manufacture of bespoke, complex parts and components. Our CNC machines are programmed with the design of each component ensuring that there is reduced wastage in the manufacturing process.

As SSC Laser can laser cut flat, tube and box section at one facility, it means that our clients are able to use us as a one-stop shop for all of their metal cutting requirements. This can reduce costs in transporting components from one place to the other, less paperwork, fewer phone calls and less stress meaning our clients can focus on other things while SSC looks after all their laser cutting needs. We are also able to deliver parts ready to assemble, meaning you, our customers, have less hassle when it comes to the sometimes tricky task of assembly and manufacture.

Laser Cutting Offers Variety

We get to see and hear from our LOVEly customers about our laser cut parts being in the most varied of places and products. One minute we can be cutting a job that is for a retail store like New Look or Beaverbrooks, and the next minute it’s for Wembley Stadium or a James Bond film.

It Looks Beautiful

Let’s be honest, the is something mesmerising about watching one of our laser cutters in action. Golden sparks fly from sheet metal, producing a stunning sight to behold (well we think so) and some amazing designs and products that showcase the best in British manufacturing.

Don’t just take our word for it, our customers love working with us and we love working with them:

SSC has been brilliant and extremely supportive in tailoring their services specifically for our demanding needs. Quotes and Orders are turned around very quickly ensuring we can meet the high expectations our customers have come to expect from us.” Nick Pang, Watson Gym Equipment

“Everything was there, everything was perfect, and it was priced right. It makes it so much better, having someone who’s reliable, friendly, helpful and does what he says he’ll do” – Brian Wilkinson, Security Solutions

“The thing for me is the quality, and the speed at which SSC Laser can do it,” – Mark Harrison, Eurocarts

“The total package – quality, service and support – is worth paying for” – James Chapman – Chapman Machinery

They are very good at delivering; they give accurate dates, and they don’t let it slip. If you need it, say, next Wednesday and you know you’re going to get it, that reliability is worth paying for.” – Nye Williams, Bola Manufacturing

For all of your laser cutting requirements, contact the team at SSC Laser Cutting today to discuss your needs.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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