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SSC Laser

What Is Laser Cutting?

SSC Laser Cutting provides you with elite laser cutting services to ensure that you receive high-calibre results. By combining state-of-the-art machinery with the exceptional knowledge base held by every SSC Laser Cutting employee, we guarantee precise solutions to your unique specifications.

Our fleet of laser cutting machines enables us to provide you with results that meet your exact requirements. Since our inception way back in 2000, we’ve consistently been adding to our collection of quality laser cutting machines, and we now have quite the team of mean machines with varying technical capabilities that knows no bounds!

Flatbed Laser Cutting

Be fascinated with a lime green firework-style show when you watch our impressive Bystronic 10kW Fiber Flat Bed Laser in action. The laser produces laser cut parts at lightning speed due to the use of high-quality fibre optic cables that allow us to cut without leaving oxidised edges (reducing the likelihood of paint and powder coating coming away from the metal over time).

20 Reasons To Partner With SSC Laser Cutting In 2020

A fibre laser has its focus lens set within the cutting head, meaning this is not regarded as a consumable item, reducing any machine downtime – meaning we can practice your projects any time of day!

The Bystronic Bystar Fiber Laser Cutter has also expanded the list of materials that we can work with to include not only all mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium but also copper and brass (up to 15 and 12mm respectively).

Tube Cutting

All of our tube laser machines contribute to our success within the manufacturing industry. However, we always make sure to stay one step ahead by investing in the latest and most technologically advanced machinery. Our new Adige LT8.10 Tube Laser allows us to laser cut channel, box section, rectangular, circular tube, angle, flat and irregular sections. Our investment in technology enabled us to increase the diameter of sections that we’re able to cut from 220mm to 240mm while also improving cutting speed – a single pierce now taking under a second to complete.

The Basics of Laser Cutting

As we are now able to create components from Universal Beam sections, this means that we have more opportunities to develop far more complicated projects for a broader range of clients.

To see the range of clients we produce premier laser cut parts for, click the link here to visit our Industries section. So, whether you’re looking for laser cut parts for agricultural machinery, for a retail store, the oil and gas industry or anything in between, we’ve got you covered! We operate nationwide so get in touch with us today on 01889 270241.