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1st February 2019

Why Should You Outsource Your Laser Cutting?

When it comes to the manufacture of quality laser cut components, there are a few things you will need to think about before embarking on your project. The majority of the companies who use SSC Laser as their sub-contractor for laser cutting have their reasons for outsourcing their laser cutting. You might be in two minds about outsourcing your laser cutting, and with this in mind, we identify the top reasons why companies use SSC Laser as their number one laser cutting sub-contractor.

Cost Savings

We’ll be honest and upfront with you, setting up a quality laser cutting manufacturing process is a very costly task. Not only will you have to incur the direct costs of purchasing the machinery, but you will also have to consider the other expenses including buying or renting space, the staff you will need to operate the machines and any maintenance you will need to keep the machines tip top. When you partner with a sub-contractor like SSC Laser to provide your laser cutting requirements, you end up bypassing this considerable capital investment but still receive the same level of quality, if not higher on all laser cut components.


Probably the only time that the phrase “If you want something doing right, do it yourself” is incorrect. Producing quality laser cut components to a high standard takes time. The team at SSC Laser have been producing laser cut components and parts for nearly two decades and the combined experience and knowledge held by the team is second to none. Gaining this experience and expertise has taken time and if you need a quick solution to produce your laser cut components, then partnering with a sub-contractor like SSC Laser will guarantee components that are produced to the highest of standards with faster turnaround times.

Industry Leaders

Due to our longevity in the laser cutting sector, SSC Laser has been able to position ourselves as industry leaders. This means that we can use our leading industry knowledge to produce laser cut components using the most up-to-date production methods. We use production methods that will aid the overall manufacturing process, meaning our clients have access to parts produced to today’s standards, not yesterday’s. To stay at the forefront, we have always been early adopters in technology, whether this is Fiber Lasers, Tube Lasers or an excellent example is our new Non-Ferrous only division and all of the industry leading advantages this brings. The fact we have the biggest sales team is also industry-leading, meaning whatever your laser cutting requirement, we can quote quickly, efficiently and can even have a member of the sales team visit your premises to help support with your laser cutting requirements.


More than likely, laser cutting will be just one part of your project, and you will have other elements to manage. Do you have enough time to dedicate to producing your own laser cut parts? Combined with the actual timescales for setting up your laser cutting processes and the associated costs, do you have the time on top of that to run your laser cutting production? Probably not. By partnering with SSC Laser, you can cut through all of these time restrictions in one fell swoop. Armed with the most up-to-date software and machinery, we can turn the most intricate of designs into finished components faster than if you were to try and do it yourself.


Are you in the best position to deal with demand? If your products sell well, can you quickly handle an increase in manufacturing, can you deal with the sharp increase in costs you will incur with this increase? In a perfect world, you would love to be able to handle this increase, but we have found from experience, that most manufacturers are not prepared for that quick increase in demand. The team at SSC are. Due to running three manufacturing facilities, 24/7, we can cope with the increase in demand that our customers may incur, meaning there is zero downtime in your supply chain, meaning your products can still sell in a higher demand market.

If you need to discuss your laser cutting requirements with the team at SSC Laser you can call the friendly team on 01889 270241, email us via email at or you can find your local SSC location by clicking here.

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