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25th February 2021

Save Time and Money with Laser Cutting

No matter the project or product, we all like to save money. In manufacturing, one way of doing this is through designing components that enable production efficiency. Making parts more repeatable, accurate and quicker to assemble means as manufacturers, you can become more competitive and more profitable.

At SSC Laser we know all so well what it means for our customers to get the best price and lead time for the manufacture of their laser cut components. The industry has changed massively over the years, with manufacturers investing in their own machines and competition becoming far greater. With a rich history in the laser cutting industry, a manufacturing facility that uses the most up-to-date laser cutting technology for both flat laser components and tube laser parts, aligned with a team working to provide the best service possible – we know we can provide the best value proposition to any customer in any industry.

Laser cutting opens up a world of freedom when it comes to the materials that can be cut along with the intricate shapes and designs that can be produced. We’ve all heard the phrase “time is money”, and when it comes to the manufacture of laser cut components for our clients, this phrase couldn’t be more valid.

Laser cutting is more than just cutting holes into sheets of metal like it once was. Laser cutting, when used correctly, can be utilised to revolutionise the design of parts. Using our state-of-the-art laser cutting machines and press brakes we can produce components with a series of specific tabs and slots to allow for other laser cut parts to simply slot together to produce a final product and make assembly far quicker and repeatable, reducing the need for expensive jigs and fixtures when welding. The team at SSC can provide clients with their laser cut components ready for production, thus saving valuable time, effort and money in the production and assembly process.

Due to our manufacturing capacity and our investment in the most up-to-date laser machines, we have the capability to produce laser cut parts in days instead of weeks, saving valuable time in the overall product manufacturing process.

In all industries, where performance and accuracy are essential, using laser cutting can save valuable time and resources in producing all components to the highest of quality standards. All we need to do is input the CAD files into our manufacturing software, select the correct certified material and our CNC Laser machines will create each component precisely the same, every time.

Efficiency Through Designing With Tube Laser Technology

As many Original Equipment Manufacturers and engineering/fabrication firms started to utilise flat and folded laser cut components in their designs, along came tube laser technology, which further supported them in their quest for improving production efficiency.

Adding “tabs and slots” in varying forms to mating components can drastically reduce the number of secondary operations required to form strong, accurate joints between parts. These can be combined with flat parts to improve location avoid setting out measurements, and remove jigging and tooling from assemblies.

You can also design parts to reduce the need for secondary operations such as tube manipulation or reduce the number of components needed that mate together. This can be achieved through segment cutting, which allows the part to form around and can often be folded manually, again saving time.

Save Time and Money with Laser Cutting


In comparison to existing manufacturing and fabrication technologies, tube laser cutting technology can increase efficiency whilst also producing a more robust component or part.

Let’s have a quick look at a previous tube laser project handled by SSC Laser.

The picture to the right gives you an idea of how you would have to put the component together without the use of tube laser cutting. In no particular order, the below component would need:

Not only does the above take more time, but it can actually cost more money to produce. You’d need to purchase 9 different parts and spend time on expensive jigging and tooling. You would then need to spend more time fabricating and putting it together. Imagine if you had 1000 of these to make? You’d be spending a lot of time and unnecessary costs on your production!

Now take the image to the left, designed and produced through utilising tube laser technology. Three individual parts also have the required slots and tabs pre-cut for easy location and quicker assembly. No setting up, measuring out weld locations or jigging costs.

Through designing around tube laser, you can take 9 component parts from the original image and reduce this to 3, thus reducing assembly time and cost significantly through clever design and tab and slot features. This means the parts locate easily and slot together quickly.

We also reduced the need with the client to order separate laser cut lugs and so immediately reduce items on the bill of materials saving further time.

The finished article:

To find out more about tube laser cutting, read our white paper here.

Don’t worry if you are stuck for designs; we have an in-house team CAD team who can support you with your ideas and help bring your designs to life before manufacture. From design support, to manufacture, to delivery, we have you covered!

SSC Laser has invested heavily in becoming one of the UK’s leading sub-contractor in laser cutting. Due to this, we are able to offer a service second to none, which in turn helps saves countless manufacturers and engineering companies time and money.

Laser Cutting Solutions

If you think that laser cutting could be the solution to your manufacturing needs and you are looking for a sub-contractor who can save you time and money, contact the team at SSC Laser today.

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