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14th January 2021

Day In The Life – Peter Murphy, Apprentice Manufacturing Engineer

The past twelve months have probably been the most testing in recent history. Like everyone up and down the country the team at SSC Laser has pulled together amazingly over the past year, making sure that we are able to provide high-quality laser cutting services to businesses who vitally need it.

At SSC Laser, we like to think of our team as one big happy family, all working towards the same goal – to be the No 1. Laser Cutting sub-contractor in the UK. To achieve this, it takes everyone from the top down. Everyone has a part to play at SSC.

With the start of a brand-new year, we wanted to start a new feature on our blog. We wanted our customers and our readers to get to know the team behind the scenes at SSC. So with this in mind, we’ll sit down with members of the SSC team to find out what it’s like to work at SSC, what a typical day looks like for them and a little bit of background on them.

This month, we chatted to Apprentice Manufacturing Engineer, Peter Murphy. Peter has been with SSC for just over three years and works in our manufacturing department.

Why have you chosen to work in this industry?

Not only does working at SSC combine all of my academic interests, but it is an industry with fantastic progression routes in different career pathways. One of my future goals is to gain a full-time position with SSC Laser and look to develop my skills, maybe with a higher-level course.

What does a typical day look like for you at SSC?

One of the great things about working at SSC is that no two days are the same, every day can be different. One thing you can be sure of, every single day is a busy one with new challenges. I am fully trained on both the CO2 and the fiber lasers, and I can often find myself helping to operate one of them

Some days I might not find myself working on the machines, if that is the case, I could also be found working in goods-in. Working in goods-in is important as we spend time quality checking materials to ensure they are the right grade, thickness, and have the right polish and finish. Making sure we only allow material of the highest standards into SSC is of paramount importance. I can also operate the internal MRP system for booking the material in, controlling what comes into the company and making sure everything has the correct test certification.

Additionally, I am fully proficient in goods-out and logistical side of finished jobs leaving SSC. This involves checking each job to make sure they are completed to the highest of standards, have been produced on time and delivered to our customers on time with all the correct paperwork, labelling and documentation.

My skills don’t finish there. I also have experience in the CAD/CAM department, gaining a better understanding of nesting and drawing.

What’s the best thing about working at SSC?

SSC is a fantastic company to work for – they have my best interests at heart and have fully supported me in all aspects of my course. The staff here are all friendly and are helping me grow, passing their knowledge onto me.

What are your goals for the future?

When I finish my apprenticeship, I would love to gain a full-time position with SSC and increase my knowledge and skills in the laser cutting industry.

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