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SSC Laser
19th November 2019

SSC Laser Invests In Skills and Training

As one of the UK’s leading supplier of Laser Cutting services, SSC Laser is always exploring new methods of training all of our staff to the highest of standards. We invest in the best equipment and state-of-the-art laser cutting machines and we also invest heavily in our staff and their skills and capabilities.

We want our staff to be the most knowledgeable team in the UK when it comes to laser cutting. When a customer contacts us for laser cutting for bespoke parts and components, flat or tube, we want to give our customers the correct, up-to-date information and great advice, in a quick and precise manner. We want our customers to trust our staff implicitly when it comes to everything and anything laser cutting.

The only way our staff will learn what our customer’s needs are is to peek behind the scenes at a few of our customer’s facilities and see how our laser cut components fit into their overall manufacturing process.

Recently members of the SSC Laser customer sales and support teams visited OEM, Allett Mowers and engineering sub-contractor, Sabit Ltd, to learn about how the laser cutting service we provide helps support two totally different types of customer.

We wanted our team to soak up everything, from the importance of quick quotes and correct paperwork, to material grades needed and more importantly the reasons why. We believe that knowing and understanding how our services fit into the manufacturing process will help us meet our customer’s needs and aid us in further supporting British manufacturing.

Allett Mowers

SSC Laser Invests In Skills and TrainingThe sister company of SSC Laser, Allett Mowers is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of cylinder lawnmowers. With a huge worldwide dealer network, selling mowers to both homeowners and professional groundsmen and sports teams around the world including Premier League giants Manchester United and NFL Franchise, the Green Bay Packers. Allett has extremely high-quality standards to achieve across their entire product portfolio.

An Allett mower is a big investment for their customers and as such, they need to make sure that the parts and components that go into their mowers are produced to the highest of standards. Allett are now diversifying their product offering and have introduced electric mowers to their portfolio. Due to this, design engineers at Allett need to be aware when certain materials are available that can retain strength and offer weight, saving such as Strenx® and other brands, and so we really wanted our team members to know the advantages this can bring a manufacturer.

SSC Laser Invests In Skills and TrainingWe ensure the SSC employees are always ahead of the game in offering advice and solutions regarding all materials. The team from SSC were also able to learn about the importance of high-quality packaging requirements and paperwork and the effect this has on a manufacturer with production schedules to hit.

The trip to Allett helped our team further understand why certain metals, grades and thicknesses are used for certain products and why it is of the utmost importance that all metal grades can be correctly traced to the point of manufacture at SSC Laser. The team also learned the importance of packaging, paperwork and accuracy to a firm like Allett.

By gaining a well-rounded understanding of the complexities of the manufacturing process at Allett, the team at SSC will be able to apply this new knowledge to similar customers in order to help fulfil their needs further.

Sabit Limited

Sabit is a sheetmetal and engineering firm. Over the past few years, SSC has supplied laser cut components and parts to Sabit. The team at SSC were able to see behind the scenes at another facility with a similar output to ourselves in order to see how important it is to know the difference between different production and fabrication methods.

The SSC team, especially the newer team members, were able to see the benefits of the laser cutting service that SSC provide to companies similar to Sabit.

As an engineering sub-contractor, Sabit require quick quotes and lead times in order to help them win work. Once work has been won, Sabit requires quick deliveries so that they can complete their additional operations such as machining and welding which then enables them to deliver on time to their customers providing a fast, efficient and high quality service.

Sabit were able to demonstrate how they utilise laser cutting within their fabrication processes, such as tab and slot designs to ease welding and removing the need for jigs and fixtures, as well as giving the SSC team an amazing overview of the general engineering requirements, tolerances and operations needed to produce parts such as drilling and tapping of holes and machining etc.

The team from SSC had a really positive visit to Sabit and were able to distinguish when and why Sabit utilise laser cutting against other methods such as water jet cutting, giving them the skills and knowledge needed to further advise our customers on their laser cutting requirements.

Both visits to each facility have further helped develop the knowledge of our team, meaning the customer service team at SSC Laser are fully “in the know” when it comes to producing bespoke laser cut components and parts for any industry.

If you would like to discuss your laser cutting needs with one of the team at SSC Laser Cutting, please don’t hesitate to get in touch or ask a question via our Live Chat.

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