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SSC Laser
7th December 2021

The Life Cycle of a Laser Cut Part

SSC Laser has always been committed to making our customers’ lives as easy as possible. The swift and seemingly simple service we offer often belies the number of moving parts involved in taking your order from initial enquiry to delivered goods.

So, what exactly does the life cycle of a part look like within SSC Laser?

Whether contacting us via phone, email or via the contact form on our website, you’ll always be greeted by one of our trusted sales team.

A team member will go through your requirements in detail to ensure that we can offer precisely what you’re after. If you’ve got DXF, DWG or NC files, then they’ll be loaded directly into our sophisticated nesting software to calculate cutting times before adding material costs from one of our 30 approved suppliers.

All of our suppliers have performance monitored agreements in place to ensure we’re getting the best material rates available at the time of your quote.

All of these early-stage tasks help SSC to offer you a competitive price in addition to excellent service.

Once you’re happy to proceed – and we’re confident you will be, then we’ll send you an Order Acknowledgement which confirms your price, delivery date and address, as well as images of each part to make sure that they are readily identifiable once delivered. We want to make the entire process of purchasing your parts with SSC as easy and hassle-free as possible.

If you’ve got 2D or 3D drawings, then our CAD team will program them to meet your precise specifications using a combination of AutoCAD and VPSS 3I software. No CAD file? Not a problem; we can either use a PDF, draw something up based on dimensions you’ve provided, or, if you’ve only got a physical sample, we may even be able to scan it on our Virtek scanner and create a drawing for you!

Once programmed, your parts will then move through to our Production and Planning Department to be nested and assigned to the appropriate machine. Whether that’s our Bystar 6kw, one of two Bystar 10kw, our BRAND NEW Bystar 12kw or our Adige Tube laser, where they’ll actually be produced.

If you need folding, then your parts will now be routed to our press brake area, where our experienced operators will prep one of our two Amada HD1703Ls or our Bystronic Xpert 40 machines to form them for you.

Whether laser only or folded, quality is never compromised, with all parts being checked to EN1090 1+2 Execution 3/ISO 9001.

If you need any secondary operations – from tapping to welding, plating to powder coat, to name but a few examples – then don’t stress over the extra work; SSC Laser has got you covered and can source this as well, providing you with a convenient and fully finished product, thus saving you additional time and money on your finished part.

Once complete and with our Dispatch Department, your parts can be palletised, heat wrapped, bubble wrapped, strapped, bagged: whatever you need!

We’ll include material test certs if necessary and even imaged documentation to aid part identification when you’re unloading them.

Our Dispatch Manager will then send your order out on either same day or next day delivery service via our extensive network of national carriers to get you the quickest delivery available.

And that’s it!

Drawing to delivery, through 5 departments, all working in sync to ensure that you get your parts for the right price, exactly how you need them, exactly when you need them.

If you would like to discuss a laser cutting project with a member of the SSC team, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Call: 01889 270241

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