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19th November 2018

Tube Laser Cutting – Cutting Complex Components

A lot of industries require components to be produced to a high level of precision. Tube Laser Cutting is a competitive and cost-effective laser cutting solution for tubes and pipes.

Tube Laser Cutting allows designers total freedom when applying a cutout shape into a metal pipe or metal tube. Utilising the LT8.10 Tube Laser Cutter eliminates the need to use outdated manufacturing methods whilst also gaining a higher level of accuracy in the cut. Unlike other, outdated methods of cutting shapes into metal, tube laser cutting is a method of cutting that can be repeated quickly to the same standard and precision on every unit produced.

At SSC Laser Cutting we use the most up-to-date software and systems. Our CAD and CAM integration means we can produce unique parts to complex specifications on time. As our systems work together, our customers can be assured in not only a high-quality production but also a speedier service than traditional cutting methods meaning they can take delivery in days not weeks.

Tube Laser Cutting - Cutting Complex Components

Tube Cutting offers greater flexibility for designers of components as complex designs and shapes can be cut into a tube which other methods cannot produce. If the components you are looking to produce are intricate, it’s the perfect solution for your needs.

Coupled with increased precision and flexibility, Tube Laser Cutting allows for speedier, high volume manufacturing. Using pre-programmed machines to cut shapes in tubes eliminates the laborious and lengthy task of tooling and producing every component one at a time. It also gives amazing repeatability meaning the first off will be exactly the same as the last.

Depending on your component or product, you can be assured that SSC can cut exactly what you want on-time, every time. A fast, precise and automated production service means that it is the perfect solution for many industries.

For all your tube laser cutting requirements contact the team at SSC Laser Cutting today on 01889 270241, via email at or find your local laser cutting sales team.

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