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SSC Laser
25th September 2018

Why Use Laser Cutting?

SSC Laser provides cutting-edge laser cutting technology with supreme expertise to offer a complete precision engineering service for the UK’s manufacturing and fabrication industries.

You might have an upcoming project that requires precision cut components or you might have a new product to take to market that requires a level of unrivalled accuracy. Whatever you are working on, you might have thought about using laser cutting to produce your components.

Why should you choose laser cutting and SSC Laser for your upcoming project?

Laser Cutting Precision

If the components you require need to be produced to a precise size and accuracy then using a laser cutter will provide a much more precise job than traditional cutting methods. Utilising the most up-to-date laser cutting technology to cut complex shapes and components means that there is no need for tooling to produce a far more precise component.  Our laser cutters can guarantee accuracy to plus or minus 0.2mm!


SSC Laser is one of one few laser cutting specialists in the UK to hold ISO 9001:2015 and CE Marking EN 1090-1: 2009+A1: 2011.

The ISO accreditation shows the commitment we have made to demonstrate that we have the ability to produce products that meet our customer’s requirements and that we continually strive to improve. Every SSC Laser customer can be confident in the knowledge that every laser cut component that leaves one of our UK wide manufacturing facilities has been produced to the highest of standards. Furthermore, clients can be assured that the metal used to produce each component can be fully tracked through the production process.

Our clients can be assured that due to our factory control certificate, confirming CE compliance, that SSC Laser provides a wide range of CE ready laser cut tube and sheet for the structural industries. Our CE compliance gives our clients peace of mind as they won’t be breaking any industry requirements when working with SSC Laser.

24/7 Manufacturing

SSC Laser provides a laser cutting service that runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have a network of manufacturing facilities up and down the UK working to produce components for our clients. Our manufacturing facilities allow us to produce components with a shorter lead time, meaning in some cases, clients can get their components in days not weeks. If you have a problem over a weekend or late in the day, don’t worry, our machines never get switched off (only when Santa comes on Christmas day) so we can always react to your needs for a quick turnaround.

A Cost-Effective Solution

Each specific project that is produced at SSC is specifically programmed into CNC machines. This ensures that each laser cut component is cut precisely and efficiently. This helps reduce wastage in the production process, ensuring a quick and extremely cost-effective solution.

Utilising the latest state of the art Fiber laser technology means more materials can be cut. The Fiber technology is amazing at cutting non-ferrous materials such as stainless steel, aluminium, copper and brass. Because of this, SSC has got ahead of the competition and created our very own non-ferrous laser cutting facility to ensure you get the very best quality, guaranteed.

Then there is tube laser technology. An amazing piece of technology that allows the modernisation of tubular parts. Through designing around this technology, clients have reduced the number of manufacturing operations, helping with the repeatability of parts and making it an extremely cost-effective and time-saving process, improving the quality of their product and ultimately their reputation.

Technical Laser Cutting Experts

At SSC Laser we have a skilled technical department who are on hand and are ready to help our clients with lots of expert advice and guidance. Our team can take clients’ drawings in a range of different formats and convert the data into CAD/CAM, producing the template design for the laser cut components. Our team can even produce designs from a sketch or a drawing, giving our clients access to laser cutting without needing vast technical knowledge.

Whatever your requirements, contact the friendly team at SSC Laser to discuss your laser cutting needs today.

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