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SSC Laser
20th September 2019

Laser Cutting Reflective Metals

As one of the UK’s leading specialist of laser cutting services, SSC Laser has manufactured a wide range of components and parts utilising a varied range of metals. When it comes to laser cutting on high-reflective metals such as brass, copper and aluminium, extra care and attention must be taken, due to the possible risks with potential damage to the mirrors and lens.

Reflective Metals – The Problem

Reflective metals are typically very difficult for CO2 laser cutters to cut due to the composition of the material. When cutting with a laser, the surface causes the beam to deflect back up the nozzle, potentially blowing the lens and causing further damage to the bellows and mirrors.

It’s not just the nature of the metals that can cause damage. Due to CO2 laser cutting machines utilising beams of light and mirrors to produce a cut, the actual delivery system of the laser becomes an issue also. The reflection of the beam back up the lens causes major damage to the internal mirrors.

The resulting damage not only takes time to repair, meaning that the production of your components is halted, causing significant downtime, but this also costs a significant amount of investment to fix, with repair bills in excess of £5,000!!!

Reflected Metals – Can They Be Cut?

While reflective metals do bring a host of problems with them, they can be cut. Obviously, the risks stated above are huge and costly but with care, attention and partnering with a laser cutting sub-contractor like SSC Laser, who have decades of experience in the field, you will be able to produce high quality, precision laser cut components and parts from reflective metals.

Reflective Metals – The Solution

SSC Laser has invested heavily in continually expanding our technology, systems and training. In order to bypass the problems that reflective material presents; SSC operates top of the range 10kW fiber laser cutting machines. The 10kW fiber laser passes a direct delivery of the laser beam through fiber optic cables directly into the head, with zero use of mirrors, this then stabilises the beam and shortens the delivery. This method of delivery results in nothing to blow back. This method of cutting reflective metals is also the fastest and most cost-effective alternative to traditional CO2 laser cutting.

Utilising the cutting edge technology from SSC Laser for cutting reflective metals also allows us to increase the thickness range that we can cut. Perfect for the components and parts you need cutting from a thicker grade of metal.

Quality Laser Cutting

Like all laser cutting projects, you want the project to be done right, by a quality sub-contractor and when cutting reflective metals, you should always look to partner with a sub-contractor like SSC Laser to receive the highest of quality standards for every single component and part.

How does SSC Laser deliver a quality laser cutting service? Well, we currently hold the ISO 9001:2015 quality accreditation and CE Marking EN 1090-1: 2009+A1: 2011. This means our customers can be assured that we have the quality systems in place to ensure that our components and parts are laser cut to the highest of standards. All of the materials we use to produce parts and components can be tracked in their entirety throughout the production process and we assure that the correct grades of metal are utilised for the correct use. Customers can be confident that their laser cut parts and components are produced to their specifications and to our high-quality standards.

Don’t settle for second best, contact SSC Laser today.

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