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SSC Laser
1st December 2019

SSC Laser Is Going Green

As one of the UK’s leading laser cutting sub-contractors, SSC Laser are making a conscious decision to change the way we operate.

We are committed to working and developing as a forward-thinking organisation. We utilise cutting edge laser cutting technology to produce bespoke laser cut parts and components. Our staff are trained to the highest of standards and we also hold ISO accreditations and CE Marking for all of our output.

The team at SSC Laser work tirelessly to provide a laser cutting service that is unrivalled. To further the development of SSC Laser we are proud to announce that from December 2019 our Hixon manufacturing facility will be making some changes in the way it produces laser cut components and parts.

In today’s day and age, it is the responsibility of everyone to help reduce the use of fossil fuels used in everyday life. Our manufacturing facility is no different. We want to become a carbon-neutral manufacturer. With this in mind, we are now running our Hixon manufacturing site entirely on electricity generated from renewable energy sourced solely from wind, hydro and solar.

Why the change?

In our opinion science has clearly linked greenhouse gas production to climate change, or the increase in earth’s temperature. Global warming can cause catastrophic weather events, flooding, water shortages and disturbed ecosystems, and it is important for each individual to understand their impact on the future and work to make that impact more positive. We are proud to have partnered with a supplier who can help SSC Laser as a business move towards carbon neutrality and reduce the carbon emissions associated with our company’s activities.

Energy and carbon reduction should be at the forefront of every business’ environmental agenda and the management team at SSC Laser take the issue very seriously. While switching to a new clean supplier will cost SSC Laser a little more, the environmental outcomes of the new electricity source far outweigh the additional cost. With our support of the new renewable source, we also help with the growth of the network. Due to more and more companies like SSC Laser, investing in greener methods of energy production, further investment can be made into the overall infrastructure. This will result in more and more businesses given the opportunity to switch, thus further reducing the World’s reliance on fossil fuels.

Why wind, hydro and solar energy?

In short, the above three energy sources are totally renewable, natural and have zero carbon emissions in their production. Bioenergy requires some sort of combustion to generate energy, meaning it produces carbon and while nuclear is zero carbon, Uranium will eventually run out, meaning it is non-renewable. Our new supplier sources their energy from completely zero-carbon sources so we can be confident that we are now further reducing our carbon footprint.

What will change for our customers?

Don’t worry, nothing will change for our customers, we will still be providing a high quality, superior laser cutting service, but we will now be powered by our new totally green energy source.

SSC’s CEO, Austin Jarrett spoke about the change, “SSC Laser are large users of electricity to power our metal cutting lasers, and while our latest machines use less power than ever before, we wanted to take additional steps to reduce our impact on the environment. The burning of coal, natural gas, and oil for electricity and heat is the largest single source of global greenhouse gas emissions. By choosing to pay a little more to support the green electricity industry, we can play our bit in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and the negative impact on our environment.”

If you would like to partner with a laser cutting sub-contractor committed to sustainability, contact the team at SSC Laser today.

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