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25th February 2020

Metals We Laser Cut

As we aim to be the UK’s number one laser cutting and steel services sub-contractor, the team at SSC Laser work with an array of organisations spanning a wide range of industries. From manufacturers needing bespoke cut components and parts, to shopfitters in the retail sector requiring laser cut panels and signs in super quick time, the team at SSC Laser have it covered.

SSC Laser can look after you and all your requirements for flat or fold, tube or box section, our team is here to provide the right solution to meet our clients’ specific requirements. To fulfil our clients’ exact needs, we make sure that we not only ask you, the customer, all the right questions, we also ensure we are at the forefront of everything laser cutting so we can advise you perfectly.

Whether it be state-of-the-art laser cutting or press braking machines and software systems, the people running them, to the quality systems in place to produce everything to the highest standard, we make sure that no stone is left unturned and we offer the best possible service to our clients.

This is also no different when it comes to the materials we laser cut. As a leading laser cutting sub-contractor, we have made sure that regardless of the material, we have the skills, experience and equipment to produce any laser cut component or part. We also ensure that we source our materials from reputable sources and always ensure that we get test certification with every delivery, so we can be sure we are getting exactly what we asked for and so do our customers.

Different metals have different properties. Some are heavy, some are strong, some conduct electricity, some are dull, and some have a shine to them. Different metals are used for different applications due to their unique properties. When and where you should use different types of metals all depends on the end application. It is pointless utilising a material that isn’t water-resistant, and that will rust for outdoor use. Transversely, you might want to paint, or Powdercoat the metal, meaning you will need to choose a material with the right properties for this. At SSC Laser we have the skills and experience to deal with an array of different metals and our customer service team are on hand to help you decide what metal to use, if needed.

Working out what metal you require can be tricky, but you needn’t worry, we have compiled a list of all the metals we laser cut at SSC Laser and their properties.

Metals We Laser Cut

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is one of the most popular metals used for decorative parts and components. There are over 250 kinds of stainless steel available. Stainless steel also comes in three distinctive finishes; regular, grained and mirrored, giving clients a varied option on the end look and feel.

Stainless Steel Info:

Mild Steel

Due to the composition of mild steel, it is used in a wide range of applications and manufacturing processes. It is very versatile, and due to the low cost to produce, it has become one of the most commonly used materials for manufacturing and engineering.

Mild steel, sheet and plate have many common grades:

Metals We Laser Cut | SSC Laser

Mild Steel Info:

Corten Steel

A stunning “industrial” looking steel, Corten naturally forms an orange rust coating when exposed to the elements. The rust adds a protective layer to the material helping build up a weather-resistant outer. Corten’s look is typically found in outside structures due to its stunning aesthetics and weathering properties. As the outer protective layer builds up, it removes the requirement for constant painting and maintenance every year. The Angel of the North is one of the most famous landmarks that use Corten material for the structure. Common thicknesses and widths of Corten range from 1.5mm up to 12mm thick and is available in widths of 1250mm/1500mm.

SSC Laser Angel of the North

Corten Steel Info:


Aluminium is a lightweight metal that is also strong and durable. It is also perfect for outdoor use as it doesn’t rust. Available in a wide range of thicknesses and grades dependant on what its usage will be for. Aluminium can be found in everyday items and products. A lot of clients in the manufacturing, fabrication industries utilise aluminium as it is perfect for machine drilling, filing and sanding meaning it can be cut and folded into different components of varied size. It is also extremely light and very aesthetically pleasing and so it’s extremely popular on the outside of buildings with architects.

Metals We Cut

Aluminium Info:


Copper can be found everywhere! It is utilised in a wide range of applications due to its properties. It is conductive, which makes it perfect for use in electrical items. It also has a high corrosion resistance meaning it is ideal for outdoor use. With the introduction of fiber laser technologies, the team at SSC Laser can laser cut copper with ease, whereas CO2 lasers struggle due to the high reflectivity and therefore a risk to blowing mirrors and lenses on machines, resulting in excessive repair bills and laser downtime.

Copper Info:


Brass is another metal that is perfect for use outside due to being weather resistant. Brass can come in a wide range of attractive colour options – from red, yellow, gold, brown, bronze and silver, manufacturers can be assured that they get the right look and colour for their components to match the surroundings.

Due to the wide range of colours and the ease in which brass can be shaped, it proves to be a popular metal for designers and architects to enhance aesthetics. Yet again, SSC Laser are now in the position to cut Brass with no issues due to the advancement in laser technology when we bought our 10kW Fiber lasers.

Traditionally a CO2 laser would max out at 3mm thick on Brass, whereas the new Fiber laser can cut up to 15mm.

Brass Info:

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Don’t worry if the above has confused you in any way the team at SSC Laser are here to help. If you have any questions about an upcoming laser cutting project or have any questions about the metals we cut don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at SSC Laser today via email or give us a call on 01889 270241.

Alternatively, you can chat to us via our Live Chat feature on our website below.

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